3rd Learning Tango Summer Festival: Milongas

We have three fabulous and varied milongas as part of our Festival, each with a separate theme and style:

For all our milongas, you can book in advance online for discounted entry, or just turn up!

Friday 16th June: Opening Milonga with DJ Ricardo Oria

9:30pm - midnight: Festival Opening Milonga with guest DJ Ricardo Oria.

An ideal way to introduce you to the festival, Ricardo will delight you with a selection of classic Golden Age music until midnight.

DJ Ricardo

I am a tango dancer, first and foremost. The dance of tango is my passion, and of course that is moved by the music. When I play music for others, I think first as a dancer. From my first years as a teenager dancing in Buenos Aires, I was fascinated by the music and collected as many CDs as I could. My first experiences playing music for others were when I started to teach in Buenos Aires and discovered the effect different tracks had in my classes. I really started DJing in Edinburgh at our regular Monday practica back in 2002, and discovered that I really enjoyed it. Since then I have played music at our practicas and milongas and occasionally at other events.

I search for authenticity, elegance and coherence in my music set, including the 'Guardia Vieja', the 'Golden Age' and more contemporary tango orchestras too.

Saturday 17th June: Learning Tango Summer Ball

8pm - Midnight Learning Tango Summer Ball, the highlight of our festival, with an evening of social Argentine Tango dancing to a selection of lovely 100% Golden Age music.

We'll have a fabulous line-up, including

Dress code: Summer Stunning!

Book tickets.

Sunday 18th June: Festival Closing Milonga: Two-Room Tea Dance

3pm - 6pm: Finish off the festival with a gorgeous two-room Tea Dance, featuring both Golden Age traditional music and the very best eclectic Nuevo selection. Have the best of both worlds throughout the afternoon, coupled with oodles of delicious cakes and refreshments!

Main Room: Glorious Golden Age with DJ Warren

In the Main Room, we will have three hours of nothing but the most fabulous traditional Golden Age tracks; arranged in traditional tandas and cortinas, to bring the full flavour of Buenos Aires to life!

For our main Tea Dance, our guest DJ is Warren Edwardes. Warren is known for his Tango musicality and has delivered Argentine Tango musicality classes. Warren's love for and fluency in Spanish helps him to obtain a deep understanding of the music within Tango; he has also started translating Tango songs to be sung in English retaining all the flavour of the Spanish originals.

Warren DJ's regularly for Tango Mi Refugio in London. For more details see his DJ site.

Tango Cafe: Eclectic Nuevo Selection with DJ John

In the Tango Cafe room, we will have a glorious selection of the very best nuevo and alternative tracks, including some lovely Blues music to practice your new-found Blues skills in!

For our Tango Cafe, our guest DJ is John Miller; John and his partner Karen run the hugely-popular JagJive events, including Silk and Velvet, and DJ-d for us at our last festival. John has over 20 years' experience in the dance scene, providing high-quality events and music, and we're very happy to welcome him back to the festival!

Tea Dance Refreshments

It wouldn't be a tea dance without have oodles of delicious cake and snacks, gallons of tea and of course some fabulous dancing and music.

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