Tango Nuevo Workshop: Wraps, Whips and Hooks: Sunday 21st July 2019

3pm - 6pm, The Fitness Society, 172 - 176 High Street, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 3AP

A specialist Argentine Tango workshop, giving several steps and technique for achieving lovely expressive movements in a flexible "Tango Nuevo" embrace.


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Alternatively, contact David on 07767 784238, or Email dance@learningtango.com.

Workshop Content

We'll focus on core technique for leg movements for Tango Nuevo style, in a flexible embrace. We'll also provide a full set of gorgeous steps and patterns to accompany this core technique.

Topics will include:


Here's a fabulous example of a dance incorporating many of these elements:

We can't guarantee you'll be able to dance like that at the end of the workshop, but it's a goal!