Tango Nuevo Workshop: Movements In A Flexible Embrace, Saturday 17th July 2021

2pm - 5pm, Warners End Community Centre, Northridge Way, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP1 3QG


Our next "welcome back to Tango" workshop!

Enhance your style using Soltadas, Volcadas and Colgadas, in a flexible embrace.

Soltadas are "break the embrace" movements, where leaders or followers turn independently of each other for a brief movement. Volcadas and Colgadas are both forms of off-axis leaning movements which allow you to enhance the dynamism of your movements. If you can use this range of movements smoothly, you add a whole new dimension to your dancing.

We'll look at these movements based on some simple steps, building to a spectacular sequence you can show off!

It's a fixed-partner, limited-number workshop, suitable for all levels, but mainly for those who have done some dancing before.

The Schedule

We'll have 15-minute breaks between sessions, to rest, practice, or ask any questions.


To book, contact David on 07767 784238, or Email dance@learningtango.com.

Cost: £50 per couple.

The Boring But Necessary Health + Safety Bit

We will have plenty of space for couples, and we'll ensure the room is well-ventilated, with lots of healthy fresh air. The workshop will be fixed-partners, no swapping during the time there.

We ask you to respect other people's space, and follow normal social distancing guidelines with other couples, even though of course we all want to hug each other. Please also bring your own refreshments and snacks to the afternoon, as we won't be able to provide these ourselves.

We won't require any tests, certificates, passports or similar, neither will we mandate masks during the workshop, although you're welcome to wear them if you prefer.

The venue

Warners End Community Centre, Northridge Way, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP1 3QG

It's a good, spacious hall, with a decent floor, and plenty of on-site parking.