3rd Learning Tango Summer Festival: FAQ

Where do I find the latest details?

We put all our general information up on the Learning Tango website, on our Festival pages.

For latest news and information, please add yourself as attendees to the relevant Facebook events:

How much does it cost?

We have a range of booking options available, from single workshops to all-access weekend packages, for leaders, followers and couples.

Please see our booking page for more information.

Will the prices change?

No. We don't have any early-bird discount schemes, the price is fixed, so you can book any time.

However, we do limit numbers, and the workshops always sell out quick, so don't delay...

Can I pay on the day?

For workshops, no; we need advance bookings to ensure equal leader / follower numbers.

For the Milongas (including the Summer Ball), yes, you can pay on the door, although you will get discounted entry if you book online.

What are the food / drink arrangements?

We'll provide refreshments throughout the weekend, as follows:

Also, the Community Centre has a lovely kitchen area, and there are plenty of local shops and cafes, so you can bring food in or pop out for a snack.

Where can I stay / visit?

There are plenty of local hotels and Bed & Breakfast places to stay in.

See the Venue page for information about the venue and local accommodation options.

Is there a maximum amount of attendees?

Yes, we limit the numbers attending each workshop, to ensure that there's a comfortable number of attendees to each workshop.

There are no limits on the social events, so you'll always be able to turn up on the day.

Are the workshops gender-balanced?

Yes, we take great pains to ensure an even number of leaders and followers for all workshops.

Whilst of course we can't guarantee that all attendees will turn up, we will have several "taxi-dancer" helpers in reserve, who should be able to make up any discrepancies on the day. So you won't sit out!

Do I need to book with a partner?

No, you can book as a single dancer for any event or workshop.

Caveat: if we find that there is a large inbalance in numbers, we will operate a waiting list system to ensure workshops remain balanced.

Fixed or rotating partners?

Our teachers typically rotate partners during a workshop, and we generally recommend that approach ourselves. However, you're welcome to stay in fixed partners if you'd prefer that, simply let the teachers know.

What levels are the workshops?

The main workshops with Jenny and Ricardo will increase in level throughout the weekend; starting with a Foundations-level class on Friday, then gradually increasing levels throughout for our three Saturday workshops, then an advanced-level Masterclass on Sunday.

What does "level" mean?

We have three levels defined for the workshops:

If in doubt, please ask.

Videos and Photos?

Teachers will provide a brief demonstration at the end of each workshop, feel free to take your own video of this demonstration, although please do not share this online without the teachers' permission.

We will take photos during the event for publicity purposes, you'll all look gorgeous!

What clothing should I wear?

Wear something light and comfortable, including appropriate shoes for dancing and turning in - no trainers or rubber soles. A small heel for the followers is useful, but again the emphasis is on comfort.

There's plenty of space in the venue to leave your belongings. For the Saturday evening, we would ask you to clear your belongings from the main room whilst we make it look extra pretty for our Summer Ball.

How can I change my booking?

We understand that sometimes circumstances change, often at short notice, so we're happy to accommodate changes, upgrades or cancellations your bookings, subject to our standard Terms and Conditions. Obviously, the earlier we know, the easier it is for us to help.

Note: our ability to accommodate changes is subject to constraints of ensuring gender-balanced workshops. So if you can't make a workshop for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can offer your place to someone else. We make all efforts to ensure even numbers of followers and leaders, so your help with this is appreciated.