Monday Milonga at Trent Park

Next Monday Milonga date: Monday 26th November 2012!

Join us on the last Monday of the month for a "Milonga" (tango social dancing) evening, from 8pm - 11pm.

We'll play a variety of music, mixing Neo tango and traditional, adding in Milonga and Vals, and a smattering of Blues and other alternative tracks to keep you on your toes.

The "Club 19" venue has a great dance floor, plenty of space, and lots of free on-site parking - it's also very easy to get to by tube (Oakwood station - Piccadilly line). So if you've not been before, and want to come along and give it a try, please do - we'd love to see you.

Admission: £8

The venue

Club 19 is a lovely venue in Southgate, North London, with a fully-stocked bar and plenty of free parking.

Address: Trent Park Golf Club, Bramley Road, London, N14 4UW. (Map here).

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