Argentine Tango Syllabus: Section C: Lead and Follow

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C1: Connection

  • The lead is an indication of the leader's intention, or a gentle guide (done as an invitation)
  • The Follower receives the lead (intention) and does the movement with (or guided by) the leader.
  • Project your energy towards each other at all times, make your presence felt
  • Use the core muscles to twist from the waist in order to keep the... upper torsos opposite one another

C2: The Leader's Role

The leader should:

  • Give clear, smooth, & gentle leads, (with a minimum of force), that do not disrupt your partner's balance
  • Lead from the centre (the chest, shoulders and arms should move in unison, not independently)
  • Communicate on which beat(s) the step(s) should be done
  • Be aware which leg is the follower's non-weight bearing leg and is therefore free for movement
  • Maintaining the comfort and safety of the follower
  • Fix / Recover from any mistakes (whether they are yours or the followers)
  • Embellish as you see fit (as long as they fit with the steps that you lead)

C3: The Follower's Role

The follower should:

  • Do the steps that are led, in the rhythm that is led
  • Aim to stay in front of the leader's chest
  • Take consistent / predictable steps
  • Keep track of which foot your weight is on (you don't worry about leader's feet or weight)
  • Only change weight when led to do so, (it's not always when he steps).
  • Maintain your balance and stay on your axis (unless led off it)
  • Embellish (or adorn) as you see fit (as long as they fit with the steps that are led)

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