Argentine Tango Syllabus: Section G: Milonga and Vals

(See the Syllabus page for a list of the other topics in the syllabus.)

G1: Milonga

  • Milonga music: typically a Faster rhythm, (DA-DUM DUM-DUM, Slow -QuickSlowSlow)
  • More of a fun, bouncy, or lively feel
  • Fewer / no pauses - there is an expectation that you will usually stepping on every "slow" beat (and sometimes on the fast beats)
  • Traspies (quick double-time steps) are often used
  • Smaller steps

G2: Vals

  • The "Tango Waltz"
  • Vals music: 123, 123, 123... based music
  • Three quick beats per one slow beat
  • If you only do slow steps (stepping on the "1" beat), it is very similar to Tango
  • Common to double-time steps - for example, stepping on the "1" and the "3" - when the leader wants.
  • Steps are potentially larger than tango, involve more turning, and have a more 'pendulum' flowing feel.

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