"Improver's Tango" workshop

Data and Time: Sunday 24th October 2010, 2pm - 6pm

Who's it for?

This workshop is for those people who've been doing Tango for 6 months or more, who are familiar with the basic tango steps and movements, and who would like to progress their tango dancing further.

What will you learn?

The following topics will be covered:

  • Musical interpretation
  • Techniques for close and open embrace
  • Advanced movements and steps
  • Social dancing


2pm - 2:45pm Musical interpretation; for both neo tango and salon tango
2:45pm - 3pm Coffee break / practice
3pm - 3:45pm Close and open embrace: posture, positioning, and dissociation
3:45pm - 4pm Coffee break / practice
4pm - 4:45pm Advanced movements: sacadas and planeos, ochos cortado and enganches
4:45pm - 5pm Coffee break / practice
5pm - 5:45pm Social dancing: floorcraft and dance etiquette
5:45pm - 6pm Coffee break / practice

(Tango music will be played during the breaks, you can grab a coffee or practice, or ask questions)

More details

Location: Fitness First gym (dance studio), 172-176 High Street, Berkhamsted. This dance studio is ideal for learning, as it has air-conditioning, a high-quality sprung wooden floor, a good sound system and a full-length mirror.

Cost: £25 per person, £40 per couple.

How to Book

Click here to reserve a space - let me know if you're booking for one person or a couple.

Hope to see you there!