Tango Extensions course, March - April 2010

What's it about?

This course follows on from the "Tango Foundations" course, and expands and develops on possibilities within Tango dancing.


Students should be familiar with the basic steps of Tango (walking, rocksteps, sidesteps, ochos, and giros).


Each week will focus on:

  • One general concept or technique - for example, musicality.
  • One figure or step - for example, sacadas.

This mix will provide a good blend of technique and moves for each class.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for
  • Beginners wishing to start with Tango
  • Improvers wishing to revise and develop their technique

What makes this course special?

  • Small class size: I keep the class size small, to allow me to give you individual attention, helping you to progress rapidly, quickly resolving any issues.
  • Full class notes: Each week of the course will be fully written-up, with notes available online, to help you remember the topics covered and revisit them at any time in the future. Or if you miss a week, these can help you catch up. In addition, there will be supplementary materials available on my website, which should help explain each concept and step in further detail.
  • Practice at Ceroc Berkhamsted afterwards: the Ceroc venue in Berkhamsted runs a weekly Tango Practice session from 7-8pm, which allows you to review and practice the concepts you have learnt in the afternoon classes.

Week 1: Dissociation

  • Technique: Dissociation
  • Steps: Ganchos

Week 2: Social dancing

  • Technique:Social dancing
  • Steps: Sandwich variations

Week 3: Close dancing

  • Technique:Close embrace dancing
  • Steps: Ocho cortado

Week 4: Musicality

  • Technique: Musicality: dancing to the music
  • Steps: Decorations and embellishments

Week 5: Milonga, Vals

  • Technique: Introduction to Milonga and Vals dances
  • Steps: Giro, tempo changes

Week 6: Improvements

  • Technique: "How to improve"
  • Steps: Soltadas

Dates / times / cost / location

Dates: Sundays 14th, 21st, 28th March. Sundays 4th, 18th and 25th April.

Times: The course will run for two hours each Sunday afternoon, from 4pn - 6pm.

Course cost: £60 per person, or £100 per couple.

(Weekly drop-in cost, £12 per person or £20 per couple)

Location: Fitness First (dance studio), 172-176 High Street, Berkhamsted. (Map).

This dance studio is ideal for learning, as it has air-conditioning, a high-quality sprung wooden floor, a good sound system and a full-length mirror.

How to book

Simple - Send me an email. Let me know what course option you want (full course / weekly) and if you're booking for one person or a couple. That's it.

- David Bailey