The Ghost Guide to Social Tango 2nd Edition: Planeos

23rd March 2010

"A gentleman doesn't pounce, he glides." ~ Quentin Crisp


The easiest way to lead a planeo is with a barrida

Musicality and floorcraft

In the clip the leader traces small circles with follower's foot to match the music. There are many other similar ideas, such as gradually extending the planeo or extending in a series of steps.

Playing with different movements and rhythms is particularly useful when stuck in traffic as when done small it takes up virtually no space.

Be aware that in versions of the planeo where the woman is in a lunge and you're simply standing there it's a lot more work for her!.
MsHedgehog: Any movement that goes outside the width of your shoulders tends to be hard work, especially in heels - it's not easy to balance, either. If getting out of it is an effort or includes any noises, it might have been a bit big for her.

- Christopher O'Shea, 23rd March 2010

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