Big Vern Returns

12th March 2010

Big Vern: My gawd, they're playing Al Compas De Corazon; to the Beat of a Heart.

Sandra: That's very romantic, Vern

BV: I requested special for you Sarn; the words mean:

A heart throbs...
let it throb...
My dream lies...
let me lie.
A heart throbs
because I will see you again;
my dream lies because you return slowly.
A heart throbs...
I seem to see you
returning with a good bye.

And when returning, you'll shout your horror...
The past, the pain, the nostalgia...
But at the end, your voice will soften
you'll tie your anxiety of distances.
And you'll know why a heart throbs
saying: how happy...
And a beat, and a beat of love,
will unite forever the good bye.

You'll see, love,
how happy you'll be...
Do you hear the beat?
It is the heart...
You'll see how sweet are the hours of the return,
you'll see how sweet are the reflections and kisses
You'll see, love
how happy are the hours
to the beat of the heart.

Big Vern and Sarn dance...

S: But I fort you liked to dance to neo music Vern.

BV: Yeah but sometimes der words mean sumfink if yer hunderstand the Castellano

S: It's larvely Vern; I feel a real tango connection when I dance viv you.

BV: Dats wot its all abaht, dahlin'. The Tango Connection is real important. You gotta have connections in dis business; know what I mean. Its like the French Connection but in Argentina....
Blahdy 'ell, it's Popeye Doyle!
I've been rumbled. Dat means all these bad dancers are the fuzz in disguise. I fort it was worse than normal in Negrachas - and the size twelve shoes are a dead give away.

BV: He's gotta pay.
[Pulls sawn off shotgun from under coat]
Connect wiv dis, ya punk!.

BLAM! [Shoots dancer]

BV: Sarn; I need a molinete with lots of energy!

[Sarn does and she moves around Big Vern, Vern is pivoting on one foot, doing adornos and shooting with a gun in each hand]

Doyle: C'mon son, its all over. Give it ap like a good lad!


BV: "SURROUNDED"! The fuzz are everywhere. Run for it Sarn! out ver back! , I'll cover yer!. Doyle!. You won't take me alive.

BLAM! [Shoots self]

~ BorderTangoMan, 12th March 2010

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