Statler and Waldorf Go To Tango Malvern

16th February 2010

Waldorf and Statler go to a milonga with Tango Siempre playing at Tango Malvern.

Waldorf: Well i thought that was a terrible do.
Statler: It was appalling. they only has instant coffee.
S: But the cakes and sandwiches were delicious.
W: Indeed. I noticed that you had three of everything
S: At milongas I eat in tandas.
W: and the band?
S: they were, it has to be said, excellent. Yaron Stavi, the doble bass player also plays with Gilad Atzmon and Julian Rowlands the Bandoneonist was superb. Ros Stephen on violin and Jonathon Taylor on electric piano have been the backbone of the band.
W: I enjoyed the tanda of milongas, largely thanks to a beautiful dancer called Julia, who might have been Russian, but she kept in up in Milonga de Mis Amores all those little musical runs...
S: You old rogue I know you have a soft spot for Eastern European women.
Its your brain! ( laughs) I liked the D'Areinzo tanda, which was only surpassed by Pugliese's "A Evaristo Carriego"
W: the floorcraft left something to be desired. The faithful were keeping a tidy line of dance but in the middle of the floor it was like a chicken run at feeding time.
S: I agree. I had my foot trodden on. But that was in the stampede for cakes. Still there were less collisions than I've seen at other places and polite apologies when they did happen.
W: True it was a very warm atmosphere.
S: Clare is a very welcoming host and it was nice to see support from dancers from other tango communities unlike the ugliness that occurs in other places.
W: well you're no oil painting yourself. I'm surprised they let you in with a face like that!
W: Well done Tango Malvern.

~ BorderTangoMan, 16th February 2010