Head placement

11th September 2010

"Hmm, upgrades" ~ Neo


I considered the different positions of the head in this earlier article.

Since then I've made a strange, but rather useful discovery.

What can happen

What can often happen in close embrace is this

Particularly if you make the connection through the chest. Look at their necks, they're both turned to the side. This gets uncomfortable over time and makes it harder to lead.

However if you extend the area of connection so it's not just through the chest, but also through the solar plexus, the embrace changes subtly to give this instead. Note that now their necks aren't twisted and their heads are looking straight forward

For the Men

Let the woman bring her head to you.

You've put her in close embrace with her head facing you. It's up to her to make the final contact.

If you try to reach to her you'll probably muck up your neck by leaning / turning, and quite possibly have too much pressure against her. You invite, she accepts.

Also don't think about the biology and physics - I know it shouldn't work, but it does. I've seen two women manage to do this together. Consider it one of life's mysteries.

For the Women

If a guy puts you in this position, you can pretty much take it for granted he's OK with you touching his face. It's just easier and safer for you to make the final contact.

"The trick Fletcher is that we are trying to overcome our limitations in order, patiently, We don't tackle flying through rock until a little later in the program." ~ Richard Bach

Conclusion: the Catch

Although it's harder to lead in the first version, if you do mess up, it's considerably less of a problem.

Take a jarring or too-rapid step and her head will just slide further back past yours. It's easier to lead in the second version, but if you mess up you may squish her nose.

My advice is to learn to do this the second way gently and carefully. Take your time and be patient.

~ Christopher O'Shea, 10th September 2010

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