Tango Workshop: Class Notes

A 3-hour Tango course, on Sunday 23rd May in Berkhamsted - see "Core Tango" workshop for more details.

Course overview

Section 1: Connect, pivot and turn


  • Hold: Practice Hold (hands on each others shoulders)
  • Steps: Forwards / back, side, transfer weight, rockstep
  • Technique: Reverse roles (men following - always fun :) )


  • Hold: Open embrace
  • Steps:Pivot-and-step (ochos)
  • Technique: Dissociation


  • Hold: Open embrace
  • Steps: Grapevine pattern (all), chest rotation (Leaders), walk-around-chair (Followers), then put it together
  • Technique: lead each step

Section 2: Dance close and musically

Close dancing

  • Hold: Close embrace
  • Steps: "Hands-free"
  • Technique: Posture and connection


  • Hold: any
  • Steps: tempo changes
  • Technique: Phrases and Pauses


  • Hold: any
  • Steps: Revision
  • Technique: "Ask Uncle David" :)

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