Maestro Maestro Davido "El Malo" Bailemos Resume

14th March 2010

This one came out of a conversation I had regarding the ridiculous nature of some claims made by Tango teachers. Enjoy...

My resume

The Maestro's qualifications More details
Over ten years' experience teaching tango David first learnt the "tango drop" and the "tango lunge" in a Ceroc class 10 years ago and has been patiently explaining to followers how they're "supposed" to follow these, ever since.
Created his own fusion of Modern Jive and Tango David's too stubborn to accept that Ochos and Modern Jivers just don't mix. He's also been to a few of Amir's classes.
Studied under Pablo Veron for three years David attended the annual open class at Negracha, taught by Pablo, and intends attending this year's also
Introduced Tango to Buckinghamshire If starting a practica counts as "introducing tango"
Several years experience as a professional DJ Has put on an iPod playlist at said practica, as long as someone shows him where to plug it in.
Is an authority on BsAs culture David has started to learn Spanish, and can now order a beer at a restaurant. Probably.
Has danced tango throughout the world As long as "the world" means "England"
Is a world renowned writer on Argentine Tango You're still reading this aren't you?
Star and choreographer of numerous Independent Tango Films David has videoed many practice sessions using both a phone and a camcorder. With tripod even. And uploaded them onto the Internet. So there.
Has developed his own inimitable style of teaching "inimitable" simply means no one can copy it. It doesn't mean "good"
Pioneering Nuevo Nuevo Tango style Soon the world will come to realise that it is in fact a lack of hair that denotes true tango greatness, not silly pony tails and scruffy beards / stubble

My Partner

The serious bit

None of these claims are actually lies - they're distortions, of course, but technically they're mostly accurate. For a certain value of "mostly" anyway.

When judging what to look for in a class, the teacher's claims of qualifications, experience, name-dropping of maestros, and so on, are about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

So when you look for a teacher, ignore the hype, and make your own judgements.

~ Christopher O' Shea / David Bailey, 14th March 2010

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