Argentine Tango Workshop: Musicality in Sequences: Sunday 5th March 2017, Berkhamsted

3pm - 6pm, The Fitness Society, 172 - 176 High Street, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 3AP

A specialist Argentine Tango workshop, giving several specific sequences, and focussing mainly on using the musicality within each sequence.

You will then have scope to develop your own styles, techniques and ideas, to create your own unique dance style within a musical structure.

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Cost: £30 single / £50 per couple.

Workshop Content

Musicality, or musical interpretation, is the key part of dancing Argentine Tango. It's the difference between dancing and (for example) marching. To dance Argentine Tango well, you have to have good musicality. Musicality is the essence of style; all good Argentine Tango dancers have good musicality.

We are running a specialist Tango Musicality workshop to help you to develop your own musicality, so you can enhance and improve your own experience of Argentine Tango dancing.

This workshop will introduce and explore basic concepts in musical interpretation.

Topics will include:

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